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About Gabriella Interiors

From the time I was a little girl, I spent much of my time drawing houses and the rooms inside. My idea of "fun" was using my fathers design software and creating my dream playrooms or, watching the local real estate channel with my mother before school.

This passion evolved over time. What began as a young love, turned into giving my friends and family design advice. Since then, I have staged houses to sell, as well as design home interiors, with my latest project designing rooms for a 5-star luxury resort in Fiji.

As a designer, I believe your home is an expression of you. My goal is for you to feel excited to go home every, single, day., because it is your sanctuary. I want others to take one look at your space and immediately know it was made for you. Through my process, as well as the particular selection of colors, fabrics, textures, and furniture this is something that I aspire to achieve in all of my projects. I love encouraging my clients to think outside the box and venture into a more creative and playful space.


When I am not designing for clients or within my own home, you can find me reading romance novels in my hammock, adventuring with my husband or sipping margaritas with my friends.

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